12 November 2021, 02:02

Gambling Glossary

Gambling is a developed industry today. It has many terms and concepts, and sometimes even experienced players get confused, not like beginners.

This article will clarify all these incomprehensible terms and abbreviations so that you can easily navigate the fascinating world of iGaming.

Slot terms and what they mean

It’s known that slots are gamblers’ favourite entertainment. As a rule, a successful game strategy starts with choosing the game according to the best parameters. This applies such points as:


It stands for Return-to-Player, that is, the percentage of bets returned to the player. The provider sets this indicator when developing, and it can vary. The RTP shows how much interest you get back from the total bet. Thus, if a slot has an RTP of 80%, 20% of your bet is taken by the casino.


This is a line or row of a slot machine on which winning combinations are built. Slots can have from 1 to 1000+ paylines.


The main prize of the game, which the player can win.

Progressive Jackpot

The main prize, the amount of which grows with each new gaming session.


It shows how risky this or that game is. More precisely, it shows the frequency and size of wins. So high-volatility slots mean they give rare but significant wins. Conversely, games with low volatility offer frequent but small wins.


This is a special symbol that also has bonus options. Wilds change pictures to form a winning combination and can also give some bonus or win. There are two popular types of wilds: sticky one and expanding one.

  • Wild Sticky
  • This is when the symbol sticks to the reels and remains there for several rounds.
  • Wild Expanding. This is a rare wild, it does not land often, but when it appears, it fills the entire row in the drum, helping to make several combinations at once.


This indicator determines the winning chances in a particular slot; Thus, the probability to win doesn’t depend on the RTP or volatility but on the dispersion. So, it characterizes the spread of all winnings in the slot.


A symbol that triggers free spins if the player catches them from one to three on the playing field; also, the player can receive payouts regardless of the paylines.

Free Spins

This is a bonus feature of the slot machine that is triggered by scatters. The player receives several additional spins for which he does not pay. Free spins can also be casino bonuses for visitors.


It may resemble free spins in some ways, with the difference that the player activates them through some actions or activators. Respins can also change game conditions, especially multipliers or winning odds.


This slang means a solid and big win in the slot. Don’t confuse with a jackpot.


It is a symbol that adds new spins to your gaming session.

A good player can not only control himself and enjoy the game. He also understands main game terms and knows how to choose a suitable game based on key parameters.

Betboys Casino wishes you clear and simple gambling and let your winnings be fast and easy!

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