Like a Movie: Top 7 Gambling Films
November 23, 2021, 18:05

Like a Movie: Top 7 Gambling Films

People have not just always gambled, but they have also written stories and made films about it. Surely you watched 11 Ocean Friends all parts or Gambler movie. We offer you our own selection of films about winnings, losses, scams and gambling.


One professor at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) got the idea: why not rip off one of the best casinos? Moreover, he has talented students and one of them counts cards better than any calculator and program.

Why is it worth watching: the real story with elements of comedy of six students who beat one of the best Las Vegas casinos.


This movie can be safely attributed to the classics of the genre: poker, adventures, danger and all this in a western spirit. The movie was filmed with the enthusiasm characteristic of 90s cinema: brilliant acting, captivating plot, soulful vibe, funny comic moments. Only phrases can be pulled apart into quotes.

Why is it worth watching: recommended for everyone who loves westerns, good poker movies, Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster.

Molly’s Game

This is a gripping true story about Molly Bloom, who was also called the Princess of Poker.

She created the most expensive underground casino in Hollywood. Movie stars, sheikhs, billionaires went all-in here every minute. But as you know, big money often brings big problems and Molly has to overcome them.

Why is it worth watching: An entertaining true-to-life story with a strong cast and amazing story about gambling world in Hollywood.


Sometimes only trickery and deception can be the best way out of this situation. It was in this situation that Metta Damon's hero found himself. He is a talented young man who relied too much on his ambitions. Together with his best friend, the gambler and schemer Worm, he decides to earn an amount that is not realistic to win. They are in a very dangerous game.

Why is it worth watching: an atmospheric movie will be liked by poker players and fans of this game and for those who are nostalgic for the films of the 90s.

Runner, Runner

From the very first minutes, this film says that all people are gambling, even if they do not play poker or, for example, slots. A young and talented student finds himself in a difficult financial situation and life leads him to the dangerous tycoon Ivan, who offers cooperation.

But the main character finds himself in an even more difficult situation, where he has to use all his cunning and resourcefulness in order to stay in positive territory.

Why is it worth watching: You will love the film if you are looking for something entertaining on the topic of gambling, with a beautiful picture and good actors. Ivan's philosophy on gambling is also thought-provoking.

The Pelayos

Another adventurous story based on real events tells about the Pelayo clan. Members of this Family are great masters of roulette and cards honestly beat casinos all over the world. Thanks to their outstanding talents, they hit a big jackpot more than once and were even immortalized in the name of the poker school.

Why is it worth watching: a believable film with a Spanish flavour about the famous roulette king Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo and his family.

Even Money

A crime drama about how much people are willing to give in order to take risks. The film includes several key characters, all of them are somehow connected with gambling and they all take risks to get closer to their dreams.

Although the movie cannot boast of high ratings, it can keep you in some tension and make you empathize with the characters.

Why is it worth watching: a sometimes hard but fascinating story of several people, their sacrifices for the sake of a dream and what it brought them.

We hope these films will help you to have a good time. Come to BetBoys for new impressions and interesting facts — we always have something interesting for you!

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