28 December 2021, 07:34

New Games by KAGaming Provider

We have expanded our collection of games with special novelties from the new provider. Meet KAGaming — a bold provider with a creative approach. It has impressive experience in the gambling market and creates quality card games and slots.

KAGaming's portfolio impresses with its richness and diversity. It has 240+ games for today. The lion's share of them are slots with classic gameplay and various themes.

Who Are KAGaming?

It is a slot game provider founded in 2014 and headquartered in Taiwan. And of course, it is one of those that created the slot using modern HTML5 technologies.

This company's products are popular in 27 countries, including Canada. After all, it has a number of properties that this provider can be valued for:

  1. Excellent 3D graphics and quality design.
  2. High winning indicators (average RTP is 96%).
  3. 24-hour technical support.
  4. Varying volatility.
  5. Variety of themes (even slots about Harry Potter, Black Panther, or Three Musketeers.)
  6. A wealth of bonus options.

KAGaming is not afraid to take risks and is ready to experiment, ensuring success for them.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Forget everything you know about slot games because this is something radically new. This is not even a slot but a full-fledged quest with heroes, battles, and rewards. First, the player chooses one of the three heroes to go through three rooms at different rates.

The player's task is to click the mouse actively, defeating the advancing enemies, which are becoming more and more. So you will become a general and take possession of the treasures. There will be no paylines or free spins here. But you will not be left without bonuses, because there are:

  • Characters with different multipliers: from x25 to x100.
  • A symbol with a random multiplier.
  • A character with Free Atack-Wins.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a true adventure filled with magic, battles, and treasures. It's time to show your courage and join the battle!

KA Fish Hunter

This is another original interactive game with different mechanics and styles. In this case, you have to fish and catch the winnings. However, this game has the same principle as the previous one.

You control a submarine that catches swimming fish. The game also has special bonuses, such as:

  • Bomb Freeze: It freezes all fish and gives you the chance to win a prize.
  • Chain Bomb: You get several fish at once in one explosion.
  • Fish with a green aura: a special bonus for which you will receive additional rewards with x7 multipliers.

The game has a lot of expensive symbols, so you have every chance of catching a really big fish for 200 coins.

KungFu Kaga

Of course, KAGaming also has slots with classic mechanics (reels and paylines). Meet Dreamworks' adorable KungFu Panda nod that has several nice-to-play options:

  • 256 Paylines.
  • Multiways.
  • Reelset Changing.
  • Scatter Symbols.

Here you will comprehend the art of Kung Fu gambling on 6 reels and 4 rows.

This is just a small part of what this promising provider has for you. So play slots with BetBoys and enjoy the news with us!

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