24 December 2021, 02:15

Top 12 Gifts for Gambling Lovers

The magical time of Christmas and New Yeat is coming, which means it's time to prepare gifts for each other. Of course, everyone dreams of a gift that matches their hobbies and preferences. What kind of gift is suitable for a gambling fan in this case?

We've thrown in 12 options for cool gifts that will cheer you up, improve your gambling skill, or even bring good luck. Make an unforgettable gift for celebrations!

Alcoholic Roulette

This is a good idea for a fun, noisy company. This game has a similar principle to the classic roulette game, but with a little amendment. It has glasses instead of cells.

So, players place bets, and when the ball points to a sector with a certain glass, the player who made a bet on it drinks the contents. This is what you need for a fun pastime.

Deck of Original Playing Cards

This is a great gift for gamblers. Today's shops offer cards with original backs and designs for every taste. The main point is to buy plastic cards only. They are practical, durable and comfortable.

Your friend will definitely appreciate this gift, especially if you choose a design with his favourite style and theme.


This is especially true for a novice gambler. If your gambling friend recently began to get involved in, say, card games, then give him a book with the secrets and strategies of the game from the masters.

It can also be some kind of encyclopedia of gambling, stories of famous poker players — there are many books.

A Trip to a Real Casino City

If you have the opportunity to give a friend or loved one a trip to Las Vegas, Baden-Baden or Singapore — you will make an unforgettable gift that even, perhaps, will make his dream come true.

Amulet for Good Luck

We are all superstitious people and want to believe in a miracle in one way or another. But, especially when our success depends on luck, someone may have their own lucky talisman: a piece of clothing, a favourite figurine, or something else.

However, many talismans bring good luck and success: four-leaf clover, horseshoe, acorn, ladybug. You can even pick from his zodiac sign. The main thing is that this thing should inspire success and give the gift receiver joy. 

Poker Chip Cufflinks

This elegant accessory will appeal to those who love poker and have a great sense of style. Such detail will give their owner confidence, solidity and a certain gloss. And they may become the new talisman of a happy game.

Themed T-shirt

Another optimal solution is when you don't know what to give, but you know about hobbies and hobbies. Order a stylish design with poker, chips, cards, and it will be a cool gift for connoisseurs of gambling.

Money Box

This will help your friend collect winnings or accumulate money for new game wins. In any case, a piggy bank is a practical and useful gift for anyone.

Poker Set

This is almost like the option with a card deck, but only specifically for poker players. The kit may include chips, cards and other paraphernalia.

This is what you need for a couple of fun draw poker sessions with friends or a practice game before a championship.

Chocolate Poker Chips

Excitement can also be sweet. Chocolate chips are not only a source of endorphins but also a great way to spice up your friendly poker games.

Mini Slot Machine

You can find such an original gift in souvenir shops, for example. In addition, a mini slot machine will decorate the gambler's interior, add originality to the apartment and amuse guests.

Also, the owner can thus brighten up his leisure time by scrolling a couple of spins on this amusing unit.

Dice Accessories

It can be original earrings, cufflinks or other jewelry — whatever. Such a gift can please both a stylish lady and an original gentleman. You will find such a gift option in jewelry stores or make an individual order.

Whatever you decide to give, let your gift inspire and delight. BetBoys wishes you merry Christmas and a lucky New Year!

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